Thursday, November 13, 2008

Balancing the Flash

Our assignment was to balance the flash with the outside light, and an extra credit one with "popping" the flash so that it creates blur. I tried a variety of situations, went with the bridal shop and the couple I met at the laundromat.

Top: Not related to assignment--just snapped it!

Taylor Huffman and Rebekah Borchers ready The Villager Bridal Shop for the holiday season. The Villager, located on Broadway between 9th and 10th Streets, specializes in bridal wear as well as holiday and cocktail gowns. Huffman, a Mizzou junior in Psychology, said “I like helping brides—we have fun with the dresses!” Both women will be part of Columbia’s annual Living Windows festival in December.

Mollie Gallup folds the family’s laundry with the help of her husband, John Henry Gallup, Sr., at a coin-operated laundromat off of Business Loop 70. One of 13 siblings as well as four kids of her own, Gallup is no stranger to domestic chores. “I took care of all of ‘em. My son, he’s 39 and I do his laundry, too—he says that’s women’s work.” John Henry Gallup, Sr., age 79, worked as a manual laborer all of his life; jackhammer noise has left him virtually deaf in both ears. The Gallups live five miles outside of Columbia city limits and come into town once a month to do their laundry.

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